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Sponsored training

Finance should never stand in your way to success and personal growth. To ensure this, "L-kshya" now offers sponsored training where we assist you in finding sponsors for your training and help you achieve your dreams and attend our training.

It is important to understand the importance of training skills in order to succeed at anything. Hence, "L-kshya" aims at creating a platform that can promote cost-effective education, which is affordable, high on quality and knowledge, that we impart. So we offer financial assistance to students, who are facing financial challenges, for our training programs, to help them realize their dream by imparting knowledge and help them learn proper skills.

This step not only lets students learn more without worrying about finances but also minimizes the gap between students coming from different backgrounds and helps them focus on learning more and performing better. It is one of a kind program and has been introduced keeping in mind the needs of the students and motivate them achieve their goals by minimizing the hurdles faced.

In a competitive environment, being technically sound is the only thing that can make you stand ahead of others and help you excel at job. Therefore, our training is designed to impart students with skills that are helpful in achieving their goal and live their dream.

All kind of training programs ranging from technical to personality development are offered at "L-kshya" with an aim to nurture the most talented minds of India and help them grow.
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