VITEEE: Last Date For Registration Extended

VITEEE is a university-level engineering entrance exam conducted by Vellore Institute of Technology. All the eligible candidates can apply for admission to B.Tech programs offered at VIT Vellore, Chennai, Bhopal and Amravati. .. . . . .Continue Reading

Top 7 Scholarship Programmes in Rajasthan

Every state government and most of the educational organizations, which are run privately, award scholarship to meritorious and deserving students to pursue their education. Likewise, Rajasthan govt. as well as private organization in the state grants scholarship to students to pursue engineering or any other professional education of their choices.. . . . .Continue Reading

Top 9 Engineering Entrance Examinations-2020 in India

Lakhs of engineering students appear at various engineering entrance examinations every year to pursue education. It is essential for them to sit in the engineering entrance examination. . . . .Continue Reading

JEE MAIN 2020 Official Website shifted by NTA

National Testing Agency (NTA) has shifted JEE Main 2020 official portal to NTA website. Earlier, the JEE Main official website was Now, NTA has redirected the old website to . . . .Continue Reading

Popular National and State Level Engineering Entrance Exam in India

There are certain engineering entrance exams, the 12th students must apply for, to build an amazing career in the domain of engineering . . . .Continue Reading

Importance of Internship program

An internship will let you explore the possibilities that lie in that field. It will also tell you if you are a good fit for the field or not. There have been many instances when students initially went to study engineering and switched to management . . . .Continue Reading

Kick Start Your Career

amazing opportunity to be a part of an amazing camp with an innovative structure. Read on to find out more about how you can explore your skills, build on them and go on to have a successful career in the software industry.An internship with . . . .Continue Reading

Competition | Industry | Internship

We live in a world that is so competitive that each one of us has to work hard just to stand out, and work even harder to get to the top and stay there. It requires dedication of intense . . . .Continue Reading

Applying for a job!! Must read

It is foolhardy to go swimming in deep waters if you do not know how to swim, or without any sort of protective gear. Similarly, if you are venturing into the world of job searches and applications, you must know the market you are getting into. With Google giving us answers to. . . .Continue Reading

Career Beyond Campus Recruitment

Opportunities for your career growth at TCS

The cloud of recruitment in the campus got over and the hope of getting placed through campus recruitment almost got over. Still there are opportunities for freshers through which they can shape their career in the software industry.There are many things to look....Continue Reading

How to identify Job Offer Scams

How to identify Job Offer Scams

We all heard a lot about the fake job offers and educational scams, so how to get rid of that. Here are few things you need to keep in mind while you are pitching yourself for a job in the industry. Before signing any offer letter, be clear about your profile, salary, hidden charges or anything else. Here are few....Continue Reading

The A-Z of Internships

A to Z of Internship

The era of internships is here, now more than ever. Companies want to test the waters with future entry-level employees as interns. And fresh graduates or students still in college want to explore and gain skills before they head out in the real world....Continue Reading

11 Reasons Why You Are Left Unemployed

Why You are left Unemployed?

Some of my classmates got placed in the first company which came to our campus while others enjoyed the party given by the placed student. There were many unplaced students who were good enough on technical side than some placed ones, but why it....Continue Reading

Fed up of Fake Job Offers, What can we do !!

Beware of fake job offers

As a jobseeker, we worry for our career all the time. Facebook accounts and emails are flooded with the job openings but when you try to connect with them, mostly you find them fake or no openings. Most of the jobs posted on the portals are either by training institute or consultancy....Continue Reading

Working at TCS and the Opportunities for your career growth

Opportunities for your career growth at TCS

For an IT graduate, working in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a dream come true. Students work hard throughout their entire college life, getting the top most grades and gathering extracurricular activities to have an impressive resume. They go....Continue Reading

Infosys' Instep, Your Best Foot Forward

Infosys Internship InStep

Infosys Limited is well known in India as well as globally. They offer various services such as IT, software engineering, business consulting as well as outsourcing services. The company has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. The world-class training center....Continue Reading

40 Mistakes to Avoid While Searching for a Job

Get Job The Easy Way

Most of the time it has been seen that, while searching for a job, students usually do a lot of mistakes which can be avoided. Most of the students try to get offer from everywhere while others switch to totally different segment, some move on to certain training institute blindly, while others simply copy someone’s resume. A lot of mistakes like these are being made...Continue Reading

Internship vs Training

Internship and Training the Difference

The changing dynamics of today’s work environment requires much more than just a degree from students. Before stepping foot in the real world, students are expected to have some sort of experience or certification to show where their skills lie. One might ask how is....Continue Reading

Your Dream Internship: How To Get There

Dream Internship

Looking for an internship is very different from looking for a job. The requirements of both these positions are different and hence the search process is entirely different. A focused search, based on the duration, company, and industry, is how you can land....Continue Reading

Resume Writing Skills

Resume Writing

Resume is the most critical part of one’s application. A well-written resume can not only present you & your skills well; but also introduce them to your personality by designing a resume that clearly defines your career goals and your expectation from the job....Continue Reading

Best 7 Ways to Get Software Jobs

7 Ways to get Software Jobs

“Twitter isn't a social network, it's an information network” We spent a lot of our time on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and various informational websites. These days most of the startups/ companies hire through these networking websites. You need to follow....Continue Reading

Personality Development

A confident and easy-to-communicate with personality is a must while looking to crack your dream job. Appearing in job interviews can take a toll on people and make them nervous. Also, being confident and pleasant during the interview and group discussions is....Continue Reading