Working at TCS and the Opportunities for your career growth

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For an IT graduate, working in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a dream come true. Students work hard throughout their entire college life, getting the top most grades and gathering extracurricular activities to have an impressive resume. They go into campus placements with high hopes of being placed at one of the many offices of TCS.

Let us give you an insight into working at TCS and the opportunities for your career growth.

TCS is primarily an IT services and business consulting firm that is headquartered in Mumbai but with global offices in 46 countries. It falls under the umbrella of the TATA group of companies. It has the distinction of being on Forbes' 2015 list of World's Most Innovative Companies.

But what makes TCS such a lucrative company to work for?

Working in a huge company such as TCS can be daunting. The logical first step would be applying for an internship. TCS allows students from India as well as abroad to apply for internships. Non-Indian students can apply under the Global Internship Program. Indian students pursuing their B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D. or other degrees follow a slightly different process. They are required to contact the placement officer in their college, who in turn is asked to get in touch with the TCS Academic Team, to begin the application process. The TCS Academic Interface Program is another beneficial service offered by TCS to students, where they can discuss, ask questions and interact with high-level TCS employees.

For Entry-Level Employees, the process is different

Entry-level employees once hired, have to spend the first few months learning valuable skills and attending training programs. These workshops focus on certain systems that are used in the company as well as working in different departments within the company. Employees are then assigned to projects, which can be long term or short term. There is potential for career growth as employees are assigned to different projects after their previous project is completed.

Work environment found at TCS

Based on reviews from reputed websites such as Quora, Glassdoor, and Indeed, the one thing consistently pointed out by reviewers is the productive and supportive work environment found at TCS. Mentors are assigned to assist employees with any difficulties they might face, especially in the initial period. Another advantage of working at TCS is the vast library, online e-book collection, online videos and tutorials as well as the discounts on all TATA products.

Four years after beginning employment at TCS, there is a tremendous scope of getting the opportunity to work onsite in different countries. An employee can expect to reach the status of IT Analyst after four years of hard work and consistent performance.

Research and Development

TCS has various labs where they perform research and development. If that is your area of interest, it is prudent to first find out about the various labs and which labs fit your interest areas. The Innovation Labs are the perfect place to hone your problem-solving skills. The application process goes through the Research and Development website, which is slightly different than the application process for a general internship. The opportunities at TCS are many in number; it is advisable to do your research before you begin your applications.

An Essential skill taught

An essential skill TCS teaches you is working in a team and eventually managing a team. In today's global world, there is always the opportunity to collaborate with your peers from other countries. Teamwork and associated skills learned at TCS will come in handy for the different projects employees are assigned to. The work life balance at TCS is very well balanced along with the office perks received by employees. Even though TCS gets hundreds of internship applications, make your application stand out to fulfill your dream of working at one of India's top IT powerhouses.

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