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It is never too soon to kick start your career. With L-Kshya, you have the perfect opportunity to get a head start form your peers. The team at L-Kshya brings you this amazing opportunity to be a part of an amazing camp with an innovative structure. Read on to find out more about how you can explore your skills, build on them and go on to have a successful career in the software industry.

An internship with L-Kshya is anything but an internship. It is different from all other run of the mill internships where the intern is asked to do boring paperwork, make coffee, order lunch or basically do things everyone else in the office doesn’t want to do. Your time at the L-Kshya camp will be well spent and fruitful. Making coffee will be the farthest thing from what you will actually be doing at the camp.

Firstly, L-Kshya is aimed at students and job seekers, the youth who make up a big chunk of the Indian population. Whether you are looking to learn new software development skills or building your basic skills, L-Kshya has the solution for you. Their camp is organized with inputs from HR departments of leading software companies in India as well as various NGOs. These partnerships make the camp worth your time.

The main aim of this program is to prepare students before they step out into the world of corporate and professionals. One of the things the camp helps you with is developing skills that are useful for making a successful career in the software industry. L-Kshya also believes that no individual can work for the betterment of the society without understanding rural India.

L-Kshya is trying to change the higher education scenario in India, one step at a time. Not everyone can afford a private school education. This camp makes the dream of affordable education a reality. The cost of the camp, apart from the lodging and food are covered by L-Kshya. For those who cannot cover the food and accommodation costs, L-Kshya will help them find a part-time job.

After the camp, L-Kshya gives you the option of looking for a career with reputed software companies, or with L-Kshya itself. The tie-ups with reputed companies help L-Kshya offer its students a wide range of career options in the software industry. While companies may or may not give a stipend, the experience is invaluable. Furthermore, an internship is an excellent way to gain a foothold in the industry and network with professionals.

This foothold in the industry will set you apart from other applicants. While interning, be sure to use your skills learnt at the L-Kshya camp to dream big and be ambitious, because that is a sure way to build a successful career in the industry. The software industry skills you learn at the camp will give your career a boost and help you find the perfect career.

When you become a part of the L-Kshya family, you will have gained a family for life. No matter where you are, the L-Kshya family will be your support system. You will make lifelong friends and learn valuable skills, while giving back to society at the same time. The L-Kshya camp is an all round development camp unlike any other. The innovative structure, outstanding mission and the will to help this youth become more ambitious, able and determined are unlike any other.

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