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Lkshya: Infosys Instep Program

Infosys Limited is well known in India as well as globally. They offer various services such as IT, software engineering, business consulting as well as outsourcing services. The company has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. The world-class training center for employees is located in Mysore, Karnataka. Infosys has clients spread across 50 countries globally. With such a vast client base, Infosys, of course, has offices and development centers all over the world. Infosys employs about 188,000 people currently.

Such a well-known company will top any engineering student’s list about companies they want to work or intern at. With the exposure, employee benefits, salaries and the chance to constantly learn on the job, Infosys is an attractive choice for engineering students in India wanting to do well.

Students looking for an internship will not find a general internship program similar to what other IT companies might offer. Infosys started the InStep program about 13 years ago. The applications are large number and opportunities are few, so it is important to stand out from the pack if you want to become a part of the InStep program.

Instep is the Global Internship Program, which has applicants pursuing bachelors, masters or Ph.D. degrees. It gives students a chance to collaborate with the best of the best from all over the world. Working under experienced researchers and senior professionals, students get the opportunity to learn in different departments while also working on their research projects. The InStep program takes place in Pune, Banglore or Hyderabad. If this is something that interests you, start researching about what it takes to be an intern at Infosys and get cracking.

The training center in Mysore is where entry-level employees go before they get their first project assignment. With world-class facilities, along with classes to develop skills and learn about Infosys, the training center is Infosys’ biggest resource for employees. The training center is not where employees will begin learning new programming skills. However, it is where they will hone their skills and their technical aptitude will be tested. Based on their training scores, they are assigned to different projects.

Placement in projects depends on skills exhibited during training. Therefore, employees must remain on top of their game during their time in Mysore. There are numerous projects since the company operates in over 50 countries. There is a great opportunity for learning and growth with assignments to different projects. Infosys also offers the opportunity to work in the United States and is the fifth-largest employer in the US based on H-1B visas.

To ensure that employees are updated on current trends in programming and development, Infosys asks employees to obtain certification based on their area of expertise. This is a great way to ensure that the level of work that is done in the company is always the highest.

Infosys has a great work life balance. Employees have reviewed Infosys favorably on websites such as Indeed, and the general consensus is that the work environment is very positive. Employees do get time off and can organize activities on the Infosys campus itself. Although a particularly demanding project might also require employees to put in extra hours.

Projects at Infosys are challenging and demanding, asking each employee to put their best foot forward. With such a widespread clientele, there are numerous opportunities to interact with people from all over the world, and learn something new every single day. The company puts a lot of resources into training employees and giving them a great working atmosphere, as well as facilities right where the offices are located. The opportunity to learn and grow is tremendous if you are willing to put in an equivalent amount of effort into your work.

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