Importance of Internship program

Importance of Internship program

So you’re already studying, and you have so many things on your mind. You’re helping organize the college fest, you are also participating in it, and you are worried about your final semester exams, which are coming right up. In all this, where do you have the time to intern and get some experience? The hustle bustle of college life leaves little room for a life outside the campus.

But that is quickly changing. Internships are gaining popularity among students as well as employers. Both groups are actively working to ensure that internships get the recognition they deserve. We are slowly coming out from the marks and grades oriented approach to one that gives equal importance to practical experience.

Test Drive

As a student, you talked to your seniors, counselors, your parents, your parents’ friends’ children and just about everyone else while figuring out what career path to choose. Based on that feedback, you picked a field of study and here you are, in college, still figuring out if this field is really for you.

An internship will let you explore the possibilities that lie in that field. It will also tell you if you are a good fit for the field or not. There have been many instances when students initially went to study engineering and switched to management, or left their liberal arts course to study science. These decisions must not be taken lightly, and an internship will be your guiding light in making such a decision.

Employers Love Interns

Employers prefer work experience, even in the form of an internship, to no experience at all. Such an experience on a resume makes the candidate automatically more attractive and suitable in the minds of recruiters for a job. It saves them time and money that would go into training a candidate who has no idea what to do on the first day of the job. Granted, not a lot of us know what to do on the first day, but someone with an internship will definitely know who to approach and where to begin.

Build Your Personality

There are numerous reasons why an internship is important in your job search. One of the most significant advantages is that you can hone your personality with the overall experience an internship will provide. You will be more savvy about how an office works, who to approach, how to write an email and how to dress. This might not seem like a huge advantage, but employers will be delighted to have someone on board who knows their basics.

Also, skill building and networking 101 are both learnt at an internship. So when you begin that dream job, you are already a step ahead of your peers. And you have absolutely nothing to lose from an internship, but everything to gain.

Apply Your Knowledge

While studying, we feel as if things will be easy because we got amazing grades in every exam. However, the bridge from books to real life is quite different and difficult. As an intern, you will have crossed that bridge before applying for your first job. Your internship will help you test the waters of your chosen career. And we love a trial before doing the actual thing, don’t we?

Degree + Work Experience= Jackpot

Gone are the days when only exam scores mattered. Even colleges choose to conduct group discussions and personal interviews before admitting students. You are much more than your mark sheet. An internship is the chance to showcase what you can do outside a classroom. When you have a degree in one hand and a list of experiences in another, your job search will take on a new meaning. You will know exactly what you want to do with your career, and that kind of clear mindedness is just what a person needs to succeed.

Once you have crossed the bridge between books to an internship, the next bridge between internship to full-time job gets easier. You have the advantage of having an extra feather in your cap. With hundreds of online websites listing available internships in practically every possible field of study, there are no limits to what you can do and where you can do it. You can even choose to do an internship out of India!

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