How to Identify Job Scams

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We all heard a lot about the fake job offers and educational scams, so how to get rid of that. Here are few things you need to keep in mind while you are pitching yourself for a job in the industry. Before signing any offer letter, be clear about your profile, salary, hidden charges or anything else. Here are few points where you can avoid the jobs on the situation basis.

  1. When they ask for instant decision

    Many times employers ask you to take the decision instantly in front of them and that gives you a red signal to you that there must be something unexpected. We simply ask you to avoid joining that firm but rest depends on you and on the situation.
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  2. When certain training fees involved.

    Many times employers from consultancy or training institutes(Bad apples) conduct the interview and ask for consultancy fees/training fees in the name of providing jobs. Whenever they do so, take it forward as RED Signal. Whenever any companies coming to your campuses ask for a heavy amount of training fees and consultancy fees, avoid joining that firm.

  3. Salary not appealing to you

    Whenever you are not comfortable with the salary at all compared to profile, location and all, it’s advised not to join in most of the cases as the probability of work satisfaction will be very less. But sometimes with startup companies, you can go ahead with less salary as there the growth is too good if they are offering certain good profile to you. So this factor you need to take care with the companies, profile they are offering and the growth you see over a period of time.

  4. Whenever you get too many calls from employer

    Sometimes some employers call you a lot on a daily basis to join on an urgent note. Sometimes it will be a positive signal but most of the time it speaks a lot about the firm. In that case, try to clarify each and every info about the firm you are looking to join. Most of the time it’s being done by the bad apples which exist in consultancy domain or training domain, hence, it’s advisable to avoid those firms.
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  5. Whenever you see no career growth.

    It's often when student join certain firm and they are offered with the role where the career growth expected are very low. Don’t join certain firm just for the sake of getting a salary as after certain years you will struggle for the career growth. You need to understand that there is a huge difference between jobs and career and while shaping your career, your first job plays an important role in that.

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