FED up of FAKE JOBS, Know What can we do.

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As a jobseeker, we worry for our career all the time. Facebook accounts and emails are flooded with the job openings but when you try to connect with them, mostly you find them fake or no openings. Most of the jobs posted on the portals are either by training institute or consultancy which make random calls and try to generate their money. Now questions come what to do when you are looking for a job.

Go for these three steps and you will find that without being trapped by the fake openings you will get a job at the right point of time.

  1. Develop your skills

    It’s very much important that whenever you are going to search for a job, you must have certain skills to showcase your potential. Searching a job without certain skills is same as you don’t have money but you are trying to get a Mercedes. Before getting a job, try to understand the market and develop yourself according to the requirement of the industry. Don’t try to follow the world, you are unique and be unique.

  2. Choose online portals wisely

    There are many portals available to post a job and most of them are flooded with the jobs from so-called TI and consultancies. At present its time to switch to the job portals which are dedicated to particular industries. You can switch to portals like or hirist if you are looking for jobs on technical side while you can switch to portals like iimjobs if you are looking for jobs in general.

  3. Verify the job

    Before you make your mind to go for an interview for certain openings, try to verify the company and openings. You can also search for the reivews Online.

  4. Prepare yourself

    Once the job gets verified, go through the company website, try to grab information about the company and your role. Prepare yourself before you go for an interview in the firm next morning.

  5. Switch to Fellowship/Internship Program

    Still not getting a job in the software industry then start your career as an intern in some of the reputed firms. One of the major internship program you can apply for as a job seeker is the “Software professional leadership cum internship program”. You can get to know more the internship program through writing a mail to . Don’t waste your time if not getting a job, instead start working with “L-kshya”.

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