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We live in a world that is so competitive that each one of us has to work hard just to stand out, and work even harder to get to the top and stay there. It requires dedication of intense proportions. But we all do this because we want to succeed. We work hard to reach the top because we want to do something meaningful with our lives and leave our mark.

For each one of you who is preparing in 11th and 12th standard, the question that you are constantly bombarded with is what next. While some of you might know exactly which field you want to go into or which college you want to study in, there are some of you who need a little guidance. L-Kshya is here to help you with that.

The competition requires you to have an edge. While applying for a job, the two things that will set you apart are your academic performance and your experience. While we do agree that students straight out of college have no means to get experience, we provide the solution to it too. Internships! Yes, that is it. Companies are looking for people who have interned before, and who possess basic knowledge and skills about what it is like to work in an industry.

L-Kshya focuses mainly on helping students and job seekers build skills for the software industry. The team at L-Kshya recognizes the importance of the development and honing of skills before students even apply for a job. Their camp is where you will learn all this with a group of your peers. Set in rural India and away from the hustle bustle and distractions of the city, the L-Kshya camp is the perfect opportunity to discover your skills and potential.

The team at L-Kshya comes together for each of these camps to motivate students to dream big, and then to help them make these dreams come true. They want to teach today’s youth to be ambitious and not be afraid. They recognize the need to empower today’s youth and prepare them for the rigors of the software industry.

The benefits of L-Kshya’s camp are many in number. It is important to realize that searching for a job is an intense activity, which consumes time and energy. Your job search will have to be focused and relentless. Even then, the companies you apply to will be looking for something special in you. This is exactly where your experience with L-Kshya gives you an edge. L-Kshya has teamed up with HR professionals and NGOs form reputed companies to provide education and guidance to students looking to become a part of the software industry.

L-Kshya covers the cost of the camps for the entire duration except food and lodging. For students unable to cover these expenses, L-Kshya helps those secure part time jobs too. The L-Kshya camp is a comprehensive event where you will explore rural India, get to know people your age from all over the country, learn valuable skills, earn valuable guidance from industry professionals and above all, be one with nature.

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