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The cloud of recruitment in the campus got over and the hope of getting placed through campus recruitment almost got over. Still there are opportunities for freshers through which they can shape their career in the software industry.

There are many things to look after if you are not being placed through campus recruitment. When we come out with an engineering degree, companies expect a lot from the students and on their expectation meter, you need to prove your ability. Certain decent technical knowledge and professional behaviour make you cross the parameter to get s elected during the campus recruitment.

As the campus recruitment is going to get over, it’s the time to look for various other platforms through which job seekers can showcase their ability. There are many such platforms where the job seekers either can showcase their ability and get placed in certain major firms or gain knowledge on a practical ground to build a great career ahead. One of the many such platforms where job seekers, can apply to showcase their ability is the leadership program @ “L-kshya”. The leadership program @ “L-kshya” facilitate the student to make a great career in the software industry along with the development process.

The leadership program @ “L-kshya” are for those job seekers and college students who are looking for jobs in the software industry. The program brush up the job seekers with technical knowledge as well as on personality side.

Advantage of the Leadership program @ “L-kshya”

The best part of the leadership program is that, if the student gets selected, their development cost will be sponsored means student is not going to pay any development fees. Secondly, the program gives you an insight working methodology of the software industry with real time hands on experience. Thirdly the program provides you with a platform where you can showcase your ability. Fourthly the students get an amazing opportunity to develop their professional network.

To know more about the leadership program @ “L-kshya” you can drop a mail to

To apply for the Leadership program @ “L-kshya” you can go through the link Apply for SPFP.

Good luck for a great career ahead. In the case of any queries write us back.

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