40 Mistakes which you can avoid while Searching for Job

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Most of the time it has been seen that, while searching for a job, students usually do a lot of mistakes which can be avoided. Most of the students try to get offer from everywhere while others switch to totally different segment, some move on to certain training institute blindly, while others simply copy someone’s resume. A lot of mistakes like these are being made which can easily be avoided.

Below are some 40 mistakes which students do while searching for a job.

  1. Lengthy Resume.
  2. Search for alternative sources, other than online job posting.
  3. Always include a cover letter.
  4. Choose career wisely.
  5. Read the job details.
  6. Flexible with location and salary.
  7. Check yourself in the mirror before interview.
  8. Don't stop learning.
  9. Do use networking website like LinkedIn.
  10. Be positive/motivated.
  11. No emotional atyachar please during Interview.
  12. Prepare yourself for interview.
  13. Make your presence online.
  14. Follow-up the job you applied.
  15. Show interest towards working in a company.
  16. Match your skills with the Industry.
  17. Keep your negative attitude and overconfidence aside.
  18. Stop sending unrequested resume.
  19. Send mail personally.
  20. Make connections.
  21. Remove grammatical mistakes from your resume.
  22. Join some forums/groups/events.
  23. Stop trying to get offer from everywhere.
  24. Present yourself in a professional way.
  25. Improve resume content.
  26. Never talk rubbish about your college and friends.
  27. Don't give incorrect information.
  28. Don't copy CV from the Net.
  29. Write your objective honestly.
  30. Don't use sms language.
  31. Don't do typographical errors.
  32. Choose font wisely.
  33. Follow events/stories/blogs.
  34. Join internship to get Real time exposure instead of training.
  35. Get mentorship.
  36. Seek professional help.
  37. Get in touch with some good consultant.
  38. Volunteer for something.
  39. Start taking lead.
  40. Be decisive.

Soon you will find all the points in detail.
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