Lkshya: Why you are Left Unemployed

Some of my classmates got placed in the first company which came to our campus while others enjoyed the party given by the placed student. There were many unplaced students who were good enough on technical side than some placed ones, but why it happens? Why some of the freshers can't get a job at all irrespective of their talent. I tried to put some 20 points which will tell you the reasons for being left unemployed.

  1. Stop Bringing pointless things in your resume

    In order to stand differently from lacks of resume, you need to shape your resume in that way. We always find out that students put a lot of stuff in their resume, which is no where associated with him. Whatever you are going to write in a resume, be sure that it is related to you. Stop copying someone's resume and start making your own.

  2. Stop talking rubbish about your past college

    It's a common suggestion given by everyone that whenever you go for the interview, don't talk negative about your college and friends but still this is a habit which most of the unemployed students carry. The moment you talk rubbish about your past colleges or friends, the chances of your selection are reduced significantly.

  3. Restricting yourself to certain metropolis

    It has been found that students restrict themselves to certain locations during the course of interview. If you are restricting yourself to certain city, then be sure that you go for interview to those companies who have only one premises. The companies who have offices in more than one city or location are not going to work according to your location preferences.

  4. Incorrect information

    There were number of times when it is found that the contact details or other details are incorrect, for example to get filtered student used to show 60% marks in some board while he/she actually got just 59.8%. Student also makes a lot of mistakes while writing their email id and phone number.

  5. Lack of knowledge

    According to NASSCOM only 20-25% of the total students are eligible to make career in software industry. What about rest? In everyone resume we see a lot of technology names are written but nowhere student do justify that they write in their resume. If any HR asks for it, common excuse like talking rubbish about colleges, giving excuse that i am fresher and all.

  6. Preference of certificate over Knowledge

    Few days back i was recruiting for certain firms and i was getting calls from the students. It was shocking that most of the students told us he/she did training from institute. What's the need that u tell any Hr your institute's name from where you got the certificates. Hr have nothing to do with your certificates, he only cares for knowledge you have and what you are going to deliver.

  7. Lack of Personality

    Might be you have enough good technical knowledge but what about your communication and presentation skills, your attitude and reactions. Technical knowledge is not the only thing which make sure that you are going to get a job. The importance of technical knowledge in case of getting a job exists no-where if you don't posses that kind of personality.

  8. Training Vs Internship

    Once student finish their college, they move towards certain training institute and that's all behind names. Student forgot to know the differences between training and internship. Internship with real time exposure is the demand of time and every unemployed student needs to understand that. It has been found that students pay 40K in some training institutes but they will not do a internship where they are not being paid. What you can say about them?

  9. Searching job “Here and There” without mentorship

    We used to notice that most of the fresher students find job here and there and all that without a mentorship. Mentorship is required while you search for a job so that you go through right portals and genuine companies. Get interviewed everyday is not a solution to get a job, better search a job smartly.

  10. Connections are negligible

    Student being unemployed have been found that they are very poor in making connection online or offline. They are limited to their few friends circle whom they know from the college/school life. The idea which the student need to get to from their circles are very limited and hence impact comes on his/her professional life.

  11. Poor Interview Preparation

    Most of the unemployed students never prepare seriously for their interview. They love to try like “HIT and TRIAl” method and leaves it on luck. The student even don't know what he/she wrote in their resume. It has been seen that hardly few of them explain about their projects mentioned in their resume.

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